the dish that is perfect for any meal + sample/flyer callout

after learning a little about the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda traditional medicine recently i thought i would try to make lunch a bit more special and have a more simple dinner when we could.  that works for me because at the end of the day i usually have difficulties stringing words together to form sentences, embarking on dinner seems so ardous at times. the words of the great Nigella Lawson spring to mind ‘gluttony is a great motivator’ or something like that. i agree. i might not always like cooking but i ALWAYS like eating.

anyway i got off the point, my wonderous meal discovery, a perfectly tasty meal that is easy to prepare and healthy.  this meal works for breakfast, lunch and dinner, or a lunch that is dinner, whatever you decide. 

it is a breakfast recipe that is tucked away in Sarah Wilson’s IQS book (which you can buy here). 

I’d seen it a few times as i road-tested my way through her various breakfast muffins and porridges, lots of coconut and deliciousness, some more successful than others.  why had i not tried this before now? it is so easy, so quick and unbelievably delicious. yes it is.

i sometimes get deceived, thinking that simplicity means that it’s maybe not as special or tasty as something more complex.  i need to stop thinking that time spent in kitchen equals better taste.  this meal is perfect testament to that.

coconut chicken curry meatballs. IQS deliciousness

coconut chicken curry meatballs. IQS deliciousness

i was so proud of this dish, i’m no great cook and it turned out beautifully, i could eat this chicken meal every day week.  if you have Sarah’s I Quit Sugar then i urge you to give this meal a go right now, or go buy her ebook/book. and PLEASE DON”T pigeon-hole this meal as breakfast because it works perfectly as lunch, breakfast, dinner or even dinner masquerading as lunch.

you basically throw all the ingredients in the food processor (carrot, coconut, chicken, egg and a few other things) then shape into balls and pan-fry in some oil (we used coconut oil which worked beautifully as it complimented the coconut that was used in the balls).

we served our lunch with some of our recent FoodConnect purchases, including their sensational biodynamic brown rice (you can even see information about the farmers who grew the rice, i love knowing where our food comes from), Barambah yogurt (which we mixed a few diced cucumbers and garlic into to make a tzatizi) and some chopped squash, onion and zucchini (also from our recent Foodconnect food box) sauted in some coconut oil.   (we use organic meat, it is more expensive but i believe that it is reflecting the true cost of food that is ethically produced rather than an extra cost. we are happy to pay more and just eat less meat, which i think everyone can benefit from, eating less meat forces you to be a little more creative with your meals too). we used 550grams of organic chicken, there was enough food to feed our family of two adults + two small children for two meals. and this still worked out at just over $20 with enough food to feed us for lunch for two days.  not expensive at all really. this was our main meal of the day. 

i give thanks to Sarah for including this serious easy and delicious meal in her cookbook.  please try. unless your vegetarian/vegan, then maybe click to a different story :-)

i’ve got an exciting week here, getting my goodie bags ready for my breakfast classes that i’m almost ready to start here in Brisbane.  if you have a business or endeavour and you would love to include a sample or flyer of your services in our goodie bag (that will go into the home of our lovely customers) then please do not hesitate to make contact with me via email on i would love to hear from you.

have a lovely week

Jenny x

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